It’s always fun to be the envy of the block.

Aside from the fact that your newly-renovated property will be the talk of the town, well-repaired homes in the City of Cleveland encourage existing neighbors to maintain their properties and increase property values.

Sounds pretty good, right? CASH offers three programs to help you repair or rehabilitate your property into a place that both you and your neighbors will appreciate.

Home Improvement Loan Program: Have you noticed that your home is in need of a few repairs and want some assistance with the process? CASH’s Home Improvement Program is designed for owner-occupants and investors who wish to improve their properties in the City of Cleveland. In addition to a low interest rate, which can be found in the upper right-hand corner of the page, our specialists will guide you through the entire process – from the application through the completion of the construction. Click here to learn more.

Multi-Family Loan Program: Do you own an apartment building that could use an update and need a little financial assistance? CASH’s Multi-Family Loan Program assists in the renovation of apartment buildings by offering a low interest rate. Click here to learn more.

Community Development Corporation Purchase Rehabilitation Program: Are you a member of a local Community Development Corporation (CDC) who wants to improve the aesthetics of your community and encourage growth? CASH’s Community Development Corporation Purchase Rehabilitation Program can help you to purchase, rehabilitate and resell blighted homes in your community. Click here to learn more.

Purchase and Rehabilitation Program: Have you realized that this is a good time to purchase a very affordable fixer-upper? You may be unsure how to go about financing this project. Well, CASH can help you find the financing for the purchase and rehabilitation of your dream home. Just contact us to learn more.

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